Will this talking dog become more famous than his celebrity dad?

Ashley Giraud (@ashleygiraud on TikTok) currently has 11.4 thousand followers and nearly 200 thousand total video likes.  Ashley quickly went viral on the popular social media app, but not because her husband is former American Idol contestant Matt Giraud.  She went viral with a quickness because of her dog Ace.  Before we get to Ashley's...I mean, Ace's most viral video, let's watch Ace in his collab with Matt Giraud.  This video has been viewed nearly 20 thousand times so far.

Road trips seem to be a great idea until you've been trapped in a moving vehicle with your family for a couple of hours.  But what about when your French Bulldog needs to be heard?  This video has been viewed at least 1 million times with over 177 thousand likes.

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What can I say about this video that Ace hasn't already said?  This video has been viewed 12.9 thousand times so far.

Apparently, Ace is trying his paw at ASMR.  Enjoy this calming video of a Frenchie eating his salad.

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