Do you ever just get in the "mood" for thrift shopping? Call it boredom, a way to cope with stress, whatever you want. Sometimes you just want to hunt down unique finds at a reasonable price.

Over the weekend, I had such an urge and found myself a little lost on where to go. So, just in case you find yourself in the same situation, here's a list of at least 8 thrift shops in the Kalamazoo and Battle Creek areas:


1. New Way YFC Thrift Store

New Way YFC (Youth for Christ) Thrift Store, previously known as Nu-Way, has a wide selection of used items like furniture, clothing, electronics, and dishware to name a few. Note: all proceeds go directly to Youth for Christ. See more on their Facebook page or website.

2. Second Impressions Upscale Thrift Store

Second Impressions Upscale Thrift Store, as the name suggests, sells more upscale items. With that in mind, prices will most likely be a little higher than in other thrift shops. Operated by volunteers, you'll be able to find everyday items as well as more unique items, like the above Spring-themed centerpieces, at their store. Read more on their Facebook page or website.

3. Simple Treasures 

Simple Treasures directly benefits Kalamazoo Gospel Ministries. They sell a variety of donated items, offer free bibles to patrons visiting their store, and often offer specials on their Facebook page. See more here.

4. Retroflection Vintage Shop

Retroflection Vintage Shop, as you can probably guess, focuses more on vintage items. They're newer to town but offer a pretty wide selection of vintage items from clocks to serving dishes (like the one pictured above), and even an old shoe repair table which looks like it would make a great coffee table too. You can see more of their in-store items on their Facebook page and website. *Side note: Retroflection Vintage Shop is also raising funds to donate to Ukraine. You can learn more on their website.*

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5. Kalamazoo Pickers 

Another young shop in the Kalamazoo area, Kalamazoo Pickers doesn't have an official website. However, you can find them at 119 W Kalamazoo Ave. They're open Tuesday - Saturday from 12-7 and, judging by their Instagram page, they mostly sell second-hand clothing versus furniture and the like.

6. Kalamazoo Fashion House

Kalamazoo Fashion House, in downtown Kalamazoo, also sells vintage items and, therefore, is a tad bit more expensive. Its partner store is Great Lakes Thrift Co. which is also in downtown Kalamazoo. Generally, their prices are a little bit lower than Kalamazoo Fashion House. Find information on both stores on their website or Facebook page.

Battle Creek

1. Once Upon a Child 

This thrift store is all about the kids. Once Upon a Child both buys and sells gently used children's clothing, furniture, toys, and more. Their focus is on quality, safety, and value for local Battle Creek families. See more on their Facebook page.

2. Lisa's Boutique Consignment Shops and Gifts 

Lisa's Boutique Consignment Shop & Gifts carefully selects the items they sell to ensure that they are as close to 'like new' as possible. While their storefront has normal operating hours, their online shop is said to always be open. You can find more of their items on their Facebook page or website.

Unfortunately, aside from the many Goodwill locations, I wasn't able to find many 'local' thrift stores in the Battle Creek area.

In Kalamazoo, a recent Reddit thread had a few more suggestions other than those listed above. You can see that full thread here.

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