In the grand scheme of things, this is just a pimple on the rump of the world. The serious part of this story is there are thousand of workers, many older, who are losing their jobs. They've been, at the very least mislead and in all likelihood, lied to.

But I've been following the Chevy Volt since it was a concept, an idea, ten to fifteen years ago. This was a car whose time had come. Yes, it was going to stick it to the oil titans who were screwing us. And yes, it was going to help with the emissions that were messing with our atmosphere. But above and beyond all that, it was simply cool. There was a doctor on the East Coast, Lyle Dennis, an enthusiast who had GM executives' ear. He started a website, and daily we followed what became a tricky birthing process, especially as GM went bankrupt. But the Volt made it to market.

Take a look at this early picture of the Volt in it's infancy. This was one great looking car.

Latest Cars Are Showcased At The Detroit Auto Show
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As it came to market at the beginning of this decade, the body design was changed for aerodynamics and to make it more family feasible. But early on, my boss got one from DeNooyer Chevrolet to drive for a week, and in turn, he let me drive it across town. It was the single best ride I've ever had. All the jokes about "glorified golf cart" were wrong. It was smooth and quiet, inside it felt like a luxury car.

I've run into Volt owners at gas stations (ironic, eh?) and to a person they all loved theirs. I knew I'd never have new one. They were too expensive, but boy, when I won the lottery, look out. I didn't win the lottery, and this week, GM boss Mary Barra announced GM was killing the Volt, and pretty much all the GM sedans will only be sold overseas. The sister EV, the Bolt will survive, and look for Volt technology to reappear in GM SUV's and trucks in the 2020's.

As for me and GM, this is strike three. First, they killed Pontiac (and the Firebird), secondly, they built the Buick Rendezvous (shame on them), and now the Volt.

There will be other cars, but it's just that they won't be as much fun as this dream was.

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