Recently in Three Rivers, there was a report of stolen packages. According to MLive, packages were delivered to a family while they were not home and left on their patio. When the family returned they discovered one of the packages which were bundled with the rest, was missing.

Michigan State Police Marshalls are currently investigating the case but it's a shame this family didn't see the video I just uncovered on YouTube. If they had seen it, there is a chance their package would have remained safe. This goes to anyone who is expecting any deliveries within the next week as well.

A Washington man was getting so fed up with packages being stolen from his porch that he decided to invent something called the "Blank Box." The creator of the box, Jaireme Barrow, said on his YouTube page he rigged the box with a 12-gauge shotgun blank so it would detonate once the box is picked up:

This would scare the crap out of me. Of course, I'd never be so low as to take somebody's presents off their porch. The Blank Box is available for purchase for $60. It may be a little late for Christmas, but this invention would serve you all year long.

As for the Three Rivers family, they believe the packages which were delivered Sunday, Dec. 10 between noon and 1 p.m. must have been compromised shortly after they were delivered. Anyone that may have information is asked to call the Michigan State Police at 269-558-0500.


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