Sweet! Shurms Candy makes Michi-gummies shaped like the state- and they didn't forget the Upper Peninsula.

Forget the bears, worms and fish- the best shape for gummies is Michigan. Shurms Candy is "proud to be a Michigan company providing Michigan-inspired candies. Our candy shows off not only the cool shape of our state, but also the bold fruit flavors that our great state is famous for. We at Shurms Candy are candy connoisseurs that strive to bring the sweeter side of the great lake state to candy lovers everywhere!"

Michi-gummies come in 6 Great Lakes State-inspired flavors

  1. Cherry
  2. Blue Raspberry
  3. Apple
  4. Grape
  5. Strawberry
  6. Watermelon

So if you have a sweet tooth and love your Michigan heritage, you've got to try these. You can currently buy these sweet treats (or the sour version) at Metro Detroit Area Plum's grocery stores or direct from Shurms Candy.

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