It's common knowledge that if you're gonna live in #PureMichigan, there are some things you're gonna have to become accustomed to. First, we have 2 main seasons: Winter and Construction season. Second, Our weather is more wild than a guest on the Jerry Springer show. It always seems like it's either beautiful or maniacal outside. The ultimate factor is you better be prepared to drive on some pretty terrible roads. Well there's a sign up in Detroit right now that says it all perfectly.

My friend Sophia was driving when she noticed a sign warning her of what she was about to get into:

Sophia Lertola
Sophia Lertola

What an amazing sign. Even she saw the humor in it saying: " Instead of fixing this f***** up road, let's post a sign to warn everyone about it 😉 #8mile." Ah Michigan. To their credit, it isn't construction season yet. But I'm surprised I haven't seen more of theses signs all over the state.

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