Let's face it, we can't really do anything this weekend in terms of going out and having fun. But that doesn't mean you can't stay home and have some fun. In fact, maybe you can use this opportunity to do something that will lift your spirit up a little bit. Here are some suggestions I'm even gonna follow to try and boost my mental health:

1. Re-arrange Your Bedroom or Living Room- A change of scenery will be nice.
2. Clean- Doing a deep clean can be satisfying, plus, it's probably a good idea right now.
3. Read A Book- When was the last time you distanced yourself away from your phone for a while?
4. Binge Watch A Show- Okay, so you don't like reading. Do yourself a favor and veg out this weekend.
5. Play Games- Seriously, bust out some board games with your family and forget about the world's problems. Have fun.
6. Play Music- I'll always say music is THE BEST MEDICINE for a bad mind frame.
7. Facetime Someone- If you're alone, this will make you feel less secluded.
8. Take A Nap- Because why not?

Either way, live the best way you can this weekend. Just make sure you're staying safe, protecting yourself and washing your hands.

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