Consumer drones are becoming more and more a part of our daily lives, with drones increasingly being used for product delivery in addition to aiding for other purposes. All this has pushed Western Michigan University in the drone consulting business.

A release from WMU sounds like a sales pitch:

Western Michigan University has stepped in to fill the equipment and expertise gap by offering consultants who provide the necessary drones, cameras and sensors to get the job done, then collect the necessary data and interpret it for clients. Want to find out where a building is losing most of its heat? Wondering if parts of a field are too dry for a certain crop? Ready to sell some mounds of gravel but don't know the volume of material that's in each mound? - WMU release

The school says the people behind this venture are Professor Charles Jay Emerson and Assistant Professor Adam Mathews. "The two Department of Geography faculty members have long used drones in their courses and research and now also serve as UAV (unmanned aerial vehicles) consultants on a contract basis."

WMU is also beginning to offering UAV certification training.

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