There's a long history of things being stolen from cars. Stereos, hubcaps, catalytic converters, siphoning gas... if it's part of a vehicle, chances are, it's had its day or run when criminals wanted to take it.

But this... I never expected.

A string of thefts in Grosse Pointe Farms, Michigan, targeted steering wheels and columns from multiple Chevy Impalas.

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There were other things stolen from other vehicles, but notably, the steering wheels and columns. WHO STEALS A STEERING WHEEL!?!?! And what's weird is, this isn't the first time it's happened in Michigan!

Fox 2 in Detroit reported on steering wheel thefts two months ago, also from Chevy Impalas.

Apparently, though, it's NOT for the Steering wheel, or column. Thieves are targeting specific vehicles made by GM for their airbags, and will re-sell them on the black market for more than $400 apiece.

It's unlikely these thieves will be selling the airbags back to dealerships. Seems like the most common reason to buy an un-deployed airbag would be for internet fame.

It should go without saying, this is an unsafe practice, to deploy an airbag outside of its intended purpose... which is to save lives. (But damn if doesn't make for some incredible viral footage.)

If you've got information on the thieves in Grosse Pointe Farms, or any kind of security footage that might help authorities, contact them at 313-885-2100.

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