Today is National Microwave Oven Day and let's face it, most of us will be celebrating whether we know it or not. Microwaves are possibly one of the most helpful inventions ever created. To take already cooked, cold food and bring it back to life. In fact, some foods are better once they're re-heated. I wanted to ask Kalamazoo who has the best leftovers in the area so I can celebrate all year long:

Tony Delia Erbellis (Always Great For Breakfast)
Ashley Nicole Kumo Hibachi (That Stir Fry Tho...)
Judy Bishop Latitude 42!!!!! (Can I Get A Take-Out For My Beer?)
Blodgett-Schwili Angela Crows Nest and East Egg(Great Places!)
Jeffery Allen Clear Comensolis
Kalsea DeRidderLees Famous Recipe!!🍗(Yes, All Day)
Are there any go-to spots in the Kalamazoo area that were missed or that you love? Let us know and tag them on our facebook post! Happy re-heating.

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