There is a sense of pending inevitability surrounding P. J. Fleck and the WMU Football program. A sense of fait accompli about the future of Fleck as the Bronco football coach.

(Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images)

For some of us, it's because we've been to this rodeo too many times. A coach says he's staying and then a few days later takes the money and runs.

Then there's reading between the lines of coach-speak. "I haven't talked to any other schools". No, you haven't. But your agent?

And, of course, there's the simple fact that WMU isn't a big program. This isn't Michigan, Michigan State, or Notre Dame. (By the way, I keep reading that Brian Kelly might be in trouble/ Can you imagine Fleck at Notre Dame. NBC's head would explode.)

The other side of this argument is: bottom line, if someone offered you $2 million to do what you love doing and to move up in your profession, you'd do it in a heartbeat.

Still, I think we're all watching the Bronco football story unfold, and feeling like our girlfriend is going meet a guy who is prettier, drives a better car and has not only a bank account but a stock portfolio.

What really bring this into focus is a story on MLive this morning reminiscing about WMU Athletic Director Kathy Beauregard's meeting and job interview with Fleck in 2012.

What does it all mean? Enjoy and cherish the good times while you can. Tomorrow isn't promised to anyone. That's heavier sounding that I intended it to be, but in light of all the events of 2016, maybe it what we need to remember most.