Residents in Colon, MI are accustomed the abnormal, being the magic capital of the world and all. The strange and unusual is cherish and celebrated, but when Colon gets rocked by a big explosion of some kind, there's bound to be some cause for concern. On the Colon Activities page, a resident was concerned when she heard something go BOOM! "Anyone else hear that massive BOOM! 😳 I’m out on Ralston Road and it shook my house, made the windows rattle and all...."

The explosion was concerning as it even had negative affects on her husband who's an Army Vet. Luckily, it wasn't anything serious and the community was able to get to the bottom of it, as one resident confirmed: "It's tanerite. One of my neighbors just confirmed. He lives on Ralston rd. It's what makes the large explosion when hit with a high speed projectile. Its legal for purchase. Look it up on youtube." So fear not Colonites, there's no cause for alarm.

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