There are two major circles on my calendar every year. Maybe you, too? One is Oberon Day. (March 26th this year) And the day that The Root Beer Stand opens for the season, especially at the tail end of a long, cold, winter. Well, to borrow from Bill Engvall, "here's your sign". The Root Beer Stands are set to re-open for 2018.Kalamazoo gets it's February snow, but....Pitchers and catchers are reporting next week for SPRING Training. And the Root Beer Stands are opening up in Kalamazoo. All we're waiting for is the swallows in Capistrano to fill out the trifecta.

The Root Beer Stand is so simple and yet, so good. Hot Dog, Chili Dog, Root Beer, or Root Beer Float. And that's why we get excited about it every year.

Personally, I'm not a big fan of root beer, but The Root Beer Stand's root beer, to me, is like the best vanilla soda I've ever had. And pulling in to a parking slot in the summer, with the top down on my car, there's just something so right about that. February 12th; whether you still circle your calendar or you put it into your phone. February 12th.

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