There is so much road construction happening at the same time in West Michigan it's difficult to pick the worst.  Here's what you had to say on Facebook on this orange barrel maze we call Kalamazoo County.

Jynell Tackett was the first to answer our question on Facebook about the worst road construction in the Kalamazoo area.  She points Portage Rd being shut down in the comment below:

Maddi E Greenman points to the complete road closure at Gull and Randsom in this comment:

Pax Lekika Slager points out there is no good route to quick go anywhere in the Kalamazoo area:

Meanwhile Shelby Lynn Rosenbaum has a feeling that road construction money could be better spent saving our cars from the multiple black holes:

According to the facebook comments on this post Portage Road between Portage and Vicksburg just barely edges out Gull Rd and Ransom downtown Kalamazoo.

Are you getting stuck daily in road construction hell?  Let us know where in the comments below.


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