Time to start thinking about what costume you're going to wear this year.  Here are two of the most popular trends this year according to Yahoo.

1.  Group costumes.  Instead of everyone doing their own thing, you pick an idea for a bunch of people, and everyone sticks to the theme. It can be anything...Mario Kart, "The Walking Dead", the Kardashians...whatever.

Photo By: Jason Merritt/ Getty Images
Photo By: Jason Merritt/ Getty Images

2.  Throwback pop culture costumes.  And the '90s are hot...Pinterest says '90s costumes are 500% more popular than they were last year. Think boy bands, "Scream",the Spice Girls, "Clueless""Ace Ventura"...you get it.

Join Will and I for the KFR Kostume Bash on October 31st in The Entertainment District!  $1,000 prize for best costume.

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