Aretha Franklin will be honored by the The Charles H. Wright Museum in Detroit.

The Queen of Souls was honored for 2 days at the Charles H. Wright Museum after her passing on Aug.16th. More than 31 thousand fans showed up to pay their respects to Ms. Franklin and now the museum wants to continue to honor the woman who's voice and thoughts changed lives.

The Museum is creating a exhibit about Aretha Franklin and it is called "Think"

Wright Museum Board Member, Kelly Major Green described the exhibit to the Detroit Free press as...

You could say the exhibit is an extension of the two-day public viewing that followed Franklin’s death. “Think” even includes the red gown and shoes in which Franklin was dressed during the visitation.

This is just the start. The "Think" exhibit will run through Jan 21st, and is the prelude to a longer-term exhibit being coordinated with the Franklin estate, targeted for opening by 2020.

What a wonderful tribute to an incredible woman. I truly can't wait to see the show that the museum put together to remember a great woman.


Aretha Franklin "Queen of Soul" Dies At 76

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