The 'Queen of Soul', has three last wishes...

Aretha Franklin, who passed away last year of pancreatic cancer, did not have any known will...until now. Found in her home were three handwritten wills, and you will be surprised where they were discovered! One was located under cushions of a sofa in her living room, and two others were found in a locked cabinet (of course that happened after a key was located to open it).

According to AP News..

The wills were shared with Franklin’s four sons (or their lawyers), but that a deal wasn’t reached on whether any should be considered valid. A statement from the estate said two sons object to the wills. A hearing is scheduled for June 12.

And that seems like a good idea because AP News is reporting that some of the  writing is extremely hard to decipher. Not only that reports state that there are four pages with words scratched out and phrases in the margins.

This past Monday Franklin's attorney David Bennett, filed the wills in court and it is bated breath that 2 of her sons are waiting to hear the verdict.

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