Replicas of Christopher Columbus's tall boats, the Nina and Pinta will be arriving in Michigan soon!

Step back into the past and tour two of the replica ships that Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue in 1942. In 1942 Columbus did have three ships, The Nina, the Pinta, the Santa Maria, but only two are coming to town. You now have the rare opportunity to come on board and see these masterpieces first hand! reported on the tours of the ships being offered...

"The pair of ships is a "sailing museum" to educate visitors on the caravel ship design. The design was used by Columbus and many other early explorers to the Americas. "


Here Is Where You Can Tour The Nina And The Pinta

Arriving at Heritage Landing in downtown Muskegon  on Thursday August 24th and departing on Wednesday August 39th.


  • Adults $8.00
  • Seniors $7.00
  • Children (ages 5-16) $6.00
  • Ages 4 and under are FREE
  • No reservations Needed

Arriving at The Michigan Maritime Museum in South Haven on Thursday August 31st and departing on Monday September 4th.


  • Adults $15.00
  • Seniors $14.00
  • Children $10.00

Facts About The Nina and Pinta Replica's

  • The Nina replica was built by hand without power tools.
  • The Pinta replica was completed in 2005.
  • The 65 foot ships are the most historically accurate replica's of the ships ever built.


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