Here is your chance to live out a Pirate's dream

BaySail, a nonprofit group located in Bay City who owns 2 Tall Ships (the Appledore IV and the Appledore V) is looking to hire deckhands to sail the Great Lakes.

Jesse Doucette, senior captain and interim director of marine operations, said in a statement to

Comprehensive training will be provided to new deckhands by the ships' crew. All members of the crew will receive basic instruction in vessel mechanics, rigging and marlinspike seamanship.

If you fill one of the openings for a Deckhand on a Tall Ship, you can expect competitive wages, room aboard the ship, and meals. It should be noted that you have to 16 years of age and older to apply for the gig.

About Tall Ships...  gives a brief history of the Appledore IV...

The schooner Appledore IV is owned and operated by BaySail, aorganization based in Bay City, Michigan. Tall ship adventures aboard Appledore IV further BaySail’s mission to “foster environmental stewardship of the Saginaw Bay watershed and the Great Lakes ecosystem and to provide personal development opportunities for learners of all ages through shipboard and land-based educational experiences.” Since its founding in 1998, more than 44,000 young people have experienced a BaySail education program.  gives a brief history of the Appledore V...

The schooner Appledore V is owned and operated by BaySail, organization based in Bay City, Michigan. Appledore V was the fifth in a series of Appledore schooners commissioned by Herb and Doris Smith and launched in 1992. Traverse Tall Ship Company purchased Appledore V from the Smiths and sailed her under the name Westwind. BaySail acquired the ship in 2002 and changed her name back to Appledore V. She joins sister ship Appledore IV as an education and sail training vessel operating around the Great Lakes.


The Schooners will sail to...

  • Detroit
  • East Tawas
  • Rogers City
  • Sandusky (Ohio)

If this sounds like the adventure you have been craving you can get more information about BaySail or to submit an application for employment, visit or call 989-895-5193.

Bonus Video of Tall Ships


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