Breaking up is really hard, but this may be the most cool and creative way to break up with someone.

A lima bean break-up?  It's real!  Dune Craft, a company that sells unusual science, nature and garden products has come up with the 'Magic Beans'.  They laser burn "It's Over" or "Let's Be Friends" into the bean shell and then after five to ten days, the bean sprouts revealing the engraving on the leaves.

This is incredible!!  However, it is a very slow break-up process, so I think it's kind of mean.  After six weeks the beans can be planted outside and are able to grow up to 20 feet, meaning your scorned ex can have a giant reminder in their garden that your relationship is over.

If you have a heart, you can engrave Birthday and Christmas messages on the beans.  Grant Cleveland, CEO of Dune Craft, said: "I don't know if anyone will buy these as an actual way of breaking up with someone or just as a joke.  Really it is meant to be a funny plant and we made it as a counter to other similar plants we have that have messages such as 'I Love You' and 'Be Mine' engraved on them."

The Break Up Bean costs $4.99 and includes two of the engraved lima bean seeds, a pot to grow it in and terrarium to help it capture the sun's light.

Here is a time-lapse of a lima bean sprouting (Not the Break Up Bean).  I'm going to order the bean and document how it works with pictures and video.  I am amazed with science.

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