Mr. Monopoly appeared on the streets of Detroit for a game or two

If you are a fan of the board game or video game of Monopoly? If you are then you are going to want to head to Detroit this weekend!

Earlier this week Mr. Monopoly made an appearance in front of the Detroit Opera House. The Detroit Free Press explained that Mr. Monopoly is a part of Ally Financial's initiative over the next couple weeks in transforming greater downtown to a virtual board game, awarding over $1 million in prizes and donating up to $50,000 to a local group, and educating the public about sound financial decisions.

Here is how it is going to happen...Monopoly spaces are being laid out across downtown, and starting Saturday, the augmented reality game begins. When players take a photo of a space through the online portal, Mr. Monopoly will appear on their screen and inform them of their next move.

If you are wondering what's in it for you, you will not be disappointed! Ally Financial says that they have secured 1,500 prizes daily, including cash prizes of $200 and $500 and mystery prizes.

Anyone is eligible to take part and you may just lean something about finance's as you play (which is the point that Ally Financial is trying to stress)


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