Oksana Kostyushko/TSM

What would you do with $255,000,000?

The Michigan Lottery Power Ball is worth $255,000,000! Tess and I are buying 2 tickets. One is and easy pick (for Tess, insert joke here) and the chosen number ticket is mine. Of course if we win we will split it down the center.

Tess said she would pay off student loans if she won.

For me, I would love to buy parents a home closer to Kalamazoo.

I am keeping my fingers crossed and hoping we will win. I know the chances are slim, but it is fun to dream! And hey, we have more then a few people who have won millions playing the Michigan lottery.

  • David Sneath from Livonia won $136 million in April 2008
  • Larry Ross from Shelby Twp. won $181 million in May 2000
  • Ralph and Mary Stebbins from Port Huron won $208 million
  • And the biggest winner is Donald Lawson from Lapeer who won $337 million!

So, someone will win, why not me or you?

Good Luck!

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