Grand Haven City Officials are saving the lighted catwalk at the Grand Haven Lighthouse for future generations!

Michigan is the not only the "Mitten State" but we have all the Great Lakes. Now we are saving our treasures! just reported...

"Grand Haven City Council unanimously approved Monday, Jan. 16 a contract with Holland-based King Company to complete the initial phases of restoration work of the iconic catwalk."

The biggest issue is the cost. The resurface and repair will cost a whopping 2.1 million dollars. The rub is that the city owns the catwalk, which needs to be lifted at a cost of $100,000. That money will have to come from private donations, and that worries the city council with the size of Grand Haven and the economic times being hard.


Facts About The Grand Haven Lighthouse And Catwalk...

  • The Port of Grand Haven built their first lighthouse in 1839
  • On December 17th, 1952 the tower and cottage collapsed.
  • It wasn't till 1955 that the beacon was restored.
  • A second light with an adjoining keeper's dwelling was built in 1855.
  • The South Pier was completed to it's present length 1893.
  • In 1895 the fog alert was a steam siren that blasted for 5 seconds every 35 seconds.
  • In 1907 the South Pier tower and light were moved 600 feet back from the end of the pier.
  • In 1922 the end of the South Pier was rebuilt with a new concrete pier head.

With all the facts, and the beauty of lighthouse, we need to dig deep in our pockets and make sure we keep the Grand Haven Lighthouse in magnificent condition!



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