I remember going to Celebration Cinema to see the film Onward, just when the Coronavirus situation was making its way to the United States. Once the movie was over I wondered how long it would be before we would all be able to comfortably go to a movie together again. Now with the slow re-opening of the state, it still looks like we are a ways away. But from the ashes of the pandemic, a classic and convenient form of enjoying entertainment is re-emerging.

Drive-In Movie Theaters are making a big comeback and are giving people the chance to enjoy films together. Hollywood has all but shut down in the wake of the pandemic, and many film's release dates were pushed back to next year, in fear of losing millions of dollars. But during this pandemic, an independent horror film, made by two brothers from Detroit which was shot in Michigan, is the #1 movie in America. So how the heck did that happen?

More people have been hitting up drive-ins recently and none more than to see "The Wretched," which earned nearly $66,000 at about a dozen drive-ins on its first weekend, according to Freep. Since expanding its reach to about 21 sites, and it's already earned $332,000.

Now yes, that is quite a bit of difference in money compared to 2020's biggest grossing film so far, Bad Boys For Life, which made $416 Million before theaters started closing. But still, this film shot in the Leelanau Peninsula by brothers Brett and Drew Pierce is something special. Their dad, Bart Pierce, did special effects for 1981's "Evil Dead," which was shown in drive-ins upon it's release as well. "The Wretched" is described as, "the story of  a teenage boy who's fighting a thousand-year-old witch posing as the neighbor of his soon-to-be-divorced parents." 

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