The property around Little Caesar's Arena in Detroit is worth a fortune now, and just about all of it has been developed except for one plot of land. It's an infamous home, that at one time, was listed for $5 million - a rundown, two-story duplex at 2712 Cass Avenue, built in the late 1800s.

Now, all that remains is a pile of burnt ash, brick, and some raised eyebrows as to why it suddenly burned.

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The building is highly sought after by developers in the area, who want to turn the district, just outside of Little Caesar's Arena, into a profitable commercial property. Several years ago, it went on the market for $5 million, and still, even with the house gone, could go for $2.5 million or more.

The new listing has it up as "vacant land." So, despite the building burning down, nothing will change. However, that doesn't keep people from asking questions.. like WHY it suddenly burned, in this neighborhood, when it had been run down for years. Also, a great question by a family member of those who own the property:

"It look like somebody blew it up! I just couldn't imagine, two fire departments being less than five minutes away, and something burning for hours, you know, next to multi-million dollar properties!"

Fire authorities aren't making any assumptions, but it is curious that no footage is being made available from surrounding buildings, that DO have security systems in place. The fire was so hot Monday morning, it actually damaged a neighboring District Detroit parking lot attendant booth and pay terminal.

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