Any time you hear someone went fishing and caught a big fish, it's safe to expect that they might be telling a "Fish Story". But what two buddies caught on camera during a recent day out on Lake Michigan was definitely real and something they won't soon forget.

David Maynard, Jr. and his buddy Michael Morey hit Lake Michigan on Saturday looking to catch some fish but ended up saving a buck on the way back in. David and Michael said they were about a mile and a half out in 60 feet of water when they spotted a buck splashing in the water and swimming towards Wisconsin.

David and Michael knew that the buck needed to get back to shore soon or things could end badly for him so they used the boat to try and steer the buck towards dry land and safety.

About 90 minutes after they first spotted the deer in distress, David and Michael were able to get the buck to swim towards the shoreline. Once he got out of the water he climbed up a sand bar to safety.

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David and Michael actually went back out on the water later that day and were able to catch a couple of fish. If it wasn't for the videos below I doubt anyone would believe them.

Here's a short video from David Maynard Jr's Tik Tok 

Here's the longer version from David Maynard Jr's Facebook Live 

David and Michael have big hearts and will have a great "Fish Story" to tell for a long time.

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