You learn something new everyday. There is a Australian cosmetics company that has a product named "Kalamazoo". The company's photo of it makes it look like ice cream, but it's actually a beard and facial wash.

If you look at what's in it, it sounds more like a recipe than a cosmetic, which might be just what Lush, the maker, wants. Their hook is the all-natural thing. They say the  products are vegetarian, ethical, and handmade.

"Kalamazoo", the product, contains pineapple juice, almond oil, lime and orange oils, some exotic sounding butter, and some other ingredients, including what the company terms as "safe synthetics".

One thing that will appeal to certain segments of the buying public is the company says it does not do animal testing.

Speaking only for myself, pineapple is a sneaky great ingredient in many things, so why not a face wash?  And having a softer face is not a bad thing to aspire to.

From poking around Lush Australia's website, it appears that "Kalamazoo" has been around for at least a couple of years. While you should take any user product reviews with a grain of salt, one posted on the Lush site is very complimentary:

Raffi says "I have been using Kalamazoo for 2 years now and it is absolutely perfect for my beard. I have a long thick beard and Kalamazoo helps me keep it super soft and strokable and it has an amazing scent that makes you feel fresh and clean."

Of course, for myself it always about the bottom line. The product sells for $17.95 Australian, which converts to $11.63 in U.S. dollars.

So put the spoon down after seeing the picture, but know that there is another product named after Kalamazoo.

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