Hiccups can hurt, so here are 5 simple ways to make them STOP!

No one ever said "oh good, I have the hiccups first thing in the morning", but it happens. It feels as if your chest is caving in, but here is what is really happening according to top10homeremedies.com...


"A hiccup, also known as synchronous diaphragmatic flutter (SDF) or singultus, is an uncontrollable contraction of the diaphragm (the muscle that separates the chest from the abdomen) that may repeat several times per minute.

As the diaphragm contracts, it causes you to breathe air in very quickly, followed by a sudden closure of your vocal cords. This produces the characteristic sound of a hiccup."


How To Stop The Hiccups...

  1. Cold Water - You can shock your system with a glass of cold water with a dab of honey in it. Just drink all of it and fast, your hiccups will go away immediately! 
  2. Drink Upside Down (Tess's trick) - Fill a glass with cold water, bend down at the waist and put your head down, drink the water from the opposite side of the glass.
  3. Hold Your Breath - Take a deep breath and hold it for as long as you can. Exhale in a controlled manner and repeat again until hiccups are gone.
  4. Sugar - Take one teaspoon of white or brown sugar, hold spoon in mouth for 5 seconds (let sugar dissolve, then take a sip of water.
  5. Peanut Butter - Take one teaspoon of peanut butter, hold it in your mouth for a few seconds, swallow it without chewing and chase it with a sip of water.

Do you have a special sure fire way to stop hiccups? I would love to know it!


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