This could be a solid temporary fix to the yearly pothole problem that plagues our state. The city of Sterling Heights, Michigan has some of the worst roads I've ever seen. Being from the east side of the state, I had to travel these roads a lot and the potholes would cause the worst damage and traffic you've ever seen. The city is investing nearly $50,000 of its $30 million for emergency road repairs to test a new epoxy on one of their more "riddled" streets.

As WDIV 4 reports, the epoxy, which is water, oil and salt resistant, is supposed to be five times stronger than concrete and should last five years before repairs are needed to the fixture.

Craig Jones of Performance Roads touched on how this new epoxy would solve yearly construction to the same sites while also solving seasonal issues:

We want to be able to patch with something that holds up so that we're not patching over and over and over again. This product can go down to 15 degrees, where typically you can't go down that cold with cold patch.

Let's hope it works because this sure would decrease "Orange Cone" season by a lot.



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