I've always said there are special people in the world. You can call them angels, or just people with big hearts. But just when it seems like everything is going to hell, you see a story like this and it makes you realize maybe there's hope.

We've all done things without consulting our significant others, hoping the reaction isn't too severe. Here was a teacher, and his wife who had saved up enough money for a nice vacation in their holiday fund. That's the backstory.

The teacher is in class with a teenage student he noticed wore the same clothes every day, "a hoodie and sneakers, no winter jacket or boots."

He talked to the student after class one day, and found out the young man was living with his retired grandfather, who has a small pension. The young man was in school and working at a local Chick-Fil-A part-time. Paying for bare necessities was hard enough.

But with winter, the situation became more pressing. Not having a coat in the winter in the MIdwest, this was serious.

So after talking to the student, he decided to do something about it, right there on the spot. He was just hoping the wife would understand. Check out her reaction.

(Christmas spirit via imgur)




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