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When I was a kid, the first sport I ever played was T-ball. I think every kid's first sport is either T-ball or Soccer. I helps teach you the fundamentals of baseball and eventually the art behind a soccer squad. I had no idea that the game of T-ball was actually created in Michigan, and in Albion no less. T-ball was created by a man named Jerry Sacharski in Albion in 1956. There are now a group of people who are trying to create a museum to educate others of the roots of T-ball in Albion.

Lonnie Spencer was one of the original T-ball players that was apart of the game's creation and explains the importance of the museum the Battle Creek Enquirer:
"It is a goal to show people how T-ball started in Albion. There is an idea to honor Jerry’s efforts and to create something that the public could enjoy and educate them about T-ball. We want to make the entire nation aware that Albion is the birthplace of the batting tee and T-ball. Albion itself is going through a rejuvenation of sorts, and I think there are those that would like to see a museum, or at least a space, that emphasizes this important part of Albion’s history."

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