No matter how strong a swimmer you are, the waves are stronger 

After the heat wave that our state survived over the weekend, it would make sense to head out to the beach and enjoy some time in Lake Michigan. That is not a good idea! Mlive is warning that there are "dangerous swimming conditions in Lake Michigan". 

The National Weather Service, is reporting...

north winds will increase throughout the day Monday, building waves up to 7 feet tall on the lake, and sending water crashing over piers and breakwalls.

The warning has resulted in a beach hazard statement is in effect for those coastal areas from noon today through this evening.

With waves growing throughout the day, by early afternoon they can be as high as 7 feet tall. Even if you stay out of the water the waved can cause trouble.  Piers may be overtopped by waves and will become dangerous to walk on. Remember that water is a powerful force that can literally move mountains.

Strong, large waves can have devastating effects. Today The Detroit Free Press reported that a North Carolina man died Friday after a "powerful" wave hit him while he was playing with his kids at the beach, breaking his neck.

Be safe, don't let a great day at the beach ruin your life!

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