Man, if there's one thing I love it's a good old fashioned eating competition. I got my first experience with one of these when I was chosen to participate in a Taco Bell eating contest after one of my brother's baseball games in Kansas City when I was a kid. I got massacred by some drunk dude. Nevertheless it was fun. It's even more fun when it's for charity, and that's what Sweetwater's Donut Eating Contest is all about.

You can sponsor your favorite contestant by clicking this link, and all donations will benefit our Community Center Programs for Youth and Seniors. The 2018 Champion, Loyd Fornes, will be returning this year to defend his title. Does he have what it takes to win two years in a row? The contestant who eats the most Sweetwater's donuts in 10 minutes will be named the 2019 Donut Eating Champion. This could end up being someone's greatest day, or the day Wilford Brimley warned us about (diabeetus). Good luck to all contestants.

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