The next stop on our small Michigan town tour is Sturgis.  From biscuits to dam electricity, there is a lot to be proud of in this little town.

Before we get to the 5 things everyone from Sturgis knows.  Did you know that this awesome town of 11,000 people was named after biscuits?  According to Wikipedia,

Legend has it that Sturgis was chosen as the town's name because Mrs. John Sturgis baked a pan of biscuits and sent them to a surveying party near their cabin. Lewis Cass, who later became governor, was part of that surveying party. When the time came to name the town, Governor Cass remembered the biscuits and was insistent that the town be named Sturgis. In 1896, Sturgis officially became a city.

Sturgis is more than just delicious biscuits.  Here are the 5 things everyone from Sturgis knows.

#5. Dog Fest

Dog Fest is held at Frank's Park on Lake View Road each Summer in Sturgis.  This is a great family event so bring your paw.  See what I did there?

Michele Frederick


#4. Dead Man's Hill

Karma Rifenburgh told us this about Dead Man's Hill on facebook,

I do enjoy the fact that I can take my kids sledding still at dead man's hill for free without having to pay a fee like Three Rivers sled park now started doin.

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#3. Downtown Sturgis is awesome!

Amy Key York and Michelle Ray Baker both mentioned the unique shops in the gorgeous downtown area.

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#2. Sturgis is "The Electric City"

There's a Dam good reason Sturgis is known at the Electric City according to Wikipedia,

Sturgis is known as the "Electric City" due to its municipal electric utility and hydroelectric dam, which date back to the early days of the community. The City-owned electric department has served the Sturgis area since the city's inception in 1896. In 1909, the City of Sturgis approved construction of a hydro electric dam on the St. Joseph River near Centreville, Michigan. The dam began operation on September 3, 1911, and continues to serve the community. In 2011, the City celebrated the centennial of the Dam as part of "Sturgis Dam Days."

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#1. Hot 'N Now

When we asked you on facebook what your favorite thing is about Sturgis, very large number of people responded "Hot 'N Now."  That might be because this is the last Hot 'N Now in the world.

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Did we miss one of your favorite things about Sturgis, Michigan?  Let us know in the Facebook comments or on Twitter.


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