Look. At. This. Puppy. So cute. So curious. It's enough to melt your heart. His name is Pipsqueak and will be available for adoption starting next week at the SPCA of SW Michigan.


However, not everyone is ready for the commitment of training and raising a puppy. In fact, no matter what kind of animal you adopt, cat or dog, a baby or full grown, I think we can all agree they come with their own set of challenges. Of course, they also come with an enormous amount of love that makes all those challenges well worth it.

If you're in the place where you're thinking about adopting an animal but just aren't 100% sure I would like to suggest fostering. Here's why.

It's a Win-Win

The SPCA of SW Michigan, like so many other shelters in SW Michigan right now, find themselves over capacity with animals that need forever homes. And the influx of surrendered animals is not slowing down. Why do I share this heartbreaking fact? Because there's a win-win opportunity here.

Fostering an animal provides a much needed relief not just for the SPCA but for the fostered animal as well. It's like a little getaway for them where they can wait for their forever home in the comfort of your home instead of at the shelter. Plus, it makes space for other animals that come into the SPCA.

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What if I can't afford it?

Especially in the current economic climate, this is a completely valid question. However, the SPCA provides both food and any medical needs for the animal. Fostering doesn't cost you anything except the space that you'll provide.

What if I decide I want to adopt the animal?

That's called a "foster fail" and you certainly wouldn't be the first to find themselves head over heels in love with their foster pet. And that's not a bad thing! At the end of the day the SPCA of SW Michigan's number one goal is to find forever homes for these animals.

TSM/ Chelsea Rose
TSM/ Chelsea Rose

How do I sign up?

It's easy! You can find information on the SPCA's website, give them a call at 269-344-1474, email tricia@spcaswmich.org or just stop by. They're located at 6955 West KL Avenue and are open Monday - Friday from 11am - 7pm and on Saturday from 11am - 4pm.

If you love puppies...

I mean...who doesn't? But, Katie Timber did mention that they have a surprising amount of pediatric animals that are currently at the shelter awaiting their forever homes. Including little Pipsqueak. See all of the animals available for adoption here.

Welcoming an animal into your home is a big step, I know. But, if there's anyway that you or someone you know can help with fostering please contact the SPCA of SW Michigan today. I know they'll appreciate it.

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