Were you in the right place at the right time as the Google car drove by?  If so, you might be in one of these photos.

Have you ever wondered how Google can have so many photos all over the world for their 'Google Street View' function?  They pay people to drive all over the planet in special cars set up with high-tech GPS and camera equipment.  When you see one, you'll know it.  In case you're yet to see a Google car in the wild, feast your eyes on this short video below.

The last time a Google car cruised the streets of Southwest Michigan was the summer of 2019.  Now, let's see how many people we can identify in the 22 Google Street View pics below.  Side note: why were so many people wearing orange on the day the Google car came through Southwest Michigan?  Weird.

Are you in any of these photos?

Most Recent Southwest Michigan Google Car Pics


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