What happened at Seville Apartments in Kalamazoo that lead to this strange, yet obvious rule?

I stumbled upon this video on TikTok last night.  A young lady named Ashley Barker found this odd rule under the pet friendly section for Seville Apartments in Kalamazoo on ApartmentHomeLiving.com.

There's a reason there are directions on the back of a shampoo bottle.  Somebody, somewhere must have done something very stupid with their shampoo.  Which leads me to believe that at some point someone had a pet bear at this apartment complex.  Otherwise, why would you have to say "no bears allowed."  I've always assumed that rule was implied no matter where I lived.  Also, I'm wondering who's Koala-fied to make this rule.

I reached out to Seville Apartments to find out if someone had a pet that they just couldn't bear that lead to this rule.  At the time I'm writing this story we haven't heard back from them.

Side note: if gummy bears aren't allowed I am not interested.


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