A recent publication declared they found the best song about Indiana and they got it very wrong. Here are the best songs about Indiana.

When I think of songs about Indiana, a handful of huge hits pop into my head immediately.  This is why I am completely confused by a recent Stacker article that listed "Indiana" by Jon McLaughlin as the 'Most Famous Song About Indiana.'  Nothing against Jon McLaughlin, but I've never heard of this song.  So, how is it a famous song?  Let's go over the actual famous Indiana songs.

5 Best Songs About Indiana

#5 "Goin' Back to Indiana" by Jackson 5

The Jackson Family is as good as Indiana royalty.  Famously from Gary, Indiana, the Jackson 5 recorded "Goin' Back to Indiana" which peaked at #16 in 1971.

#4 "Jack and Diane" by John Mellencamp

John Mellencamp's most recognizable hit mentions numerous spots in Bloomington, Indiana that are still there to this day.

#3 "Indiana" Melissa Etheridge

The incredibly talented Melissa Etheridge released an album containing the song "Indiana" in 2010 but did not release it as a single.  Melissa met her wife in the Hoosier state, which no doubt inspired the song.

#2 "Mary Jane's Last Dance" by Tom Petty

The entire first verse is about an Indiana girl.  Enough said.

#1 "Small Town" by John Mellencamp

This song is about living in a small Indiana town and not feeling the need to move to a bigger city.  There's no world where this song isn't the #1 Indiana song.

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Did I miss a good Indiana song?  Let me know in the social media comments.


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