When I scroll through Reddit I admit I dismiss most posts as utter nonsense. But, this one caught my eye.

Titled, "Some thing was on my back porch last night, it was not human," the post details, even gruesomely at times, the experiences of a young woman staying at an uncle's cabin in rural Michigan near the lake. I know. It sounds like the perfect set-up for the latest slasher flick but for her, it's real. Or so she claims.

Her post, in part, reads:

I was watching TV around 11 pm, and I kept hearing a really fast knocking sound, it would come in sets of five and then stop for a second then restart, I ended up going outside to investigate and I couldn’t see anyone, but there was a really horrible smell. Then what happened last night, so I had waken up at like 3 am, which happens sometimes if I had a really messed up dream, So I walked down the hall to get a drink and probably watch TV, was I got to the fridge which is right next to the back porch door I heard someone walking around, I froze up coming and stay completely still I looked over to the door and saw a huge shadow it was kind of crouched on his hands, I don’t really think it saw me but it looked human, it didn’t move for like a whole 3 minutes before the shadow moved in the blink of a eye and it was just gone, I ran back to my room and called the cops.

While the cops found nothing, the users of Reddit had some suggestions for what supernatural entities could be blamed. User Neither994 wrote,

I'm not american but sounds like dogman. I've heard that it whines and taps on windows. It started as a joke or a song in the radio then people started saying it was real...

Sure enough, the Dogman is an urban legend in Michigan detailing it as "a tall, dog-like creature with piercing eyes and a screaming howl. Neither a werewolf nor Bigfoot, instead you’ll find Dogman roaming the northern woods of the Lower Peninsula." At least according to Michigan.com.

User JiggerJMe had a different suggestion.

Lived in Northern Michigan for 20 yrs. those woods there are thick! Can attest to the rapid knocking on wood- many times. Might want to locate a local medicine man and see if he could help... wendingo’s are rampant in those parts.

Go ahead and google Wendingo if you'd like to have some nightmares tonight. Most other users decided to give the original poster more rational suggestions like to buy cameras, new locks, weapons to defend herself and so on. But. so far no one has given the always solid advice of RUN GIRL RUN!

User just_a_nerds_throw, I don't know if you'll ever see this post but I hope you stay safe. Supernatural or not...that's some freaky stuff.

If you think her experience is creepy check out Michigan's Eeriest Urban Legends

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