A fellow Townsquare Media co-worker of mine recently sent me a link to someone's Etsy page that contains a listing for something really unique and cool for people who still nerd out for radio. The listing is for an ashtray that was made in the 70's on black glass with white and red ink, depicting the very same studio we operate out of in Kalamazoo to this day. Apparently the ashtray was donated to Goodwill is used but in new condition with no cracks or chips. She's selling it for just under $30.

I was actually lucky enough to be gifted one of these from an old co-worker and can tell you that it's a rare and super cool vintage piece. Back in the day WKMI was actually the Top 40 station. WKMI, began broadcasting in 1947 and was a Top 40 music station from the 1950s through the 1970s. The station moved to an Adult Contemporary format to compete with another station during the early 1980s, and then switched to its current talk format in 1990, when the Persian Gulf War created a boom for talk radio. In 1981, WKFR finally inherited the Top 40 format from WKNR and has had it ever since.

It's a pretty neat history lesson and this ashtray is a very rare find. Whoever buys it will have a cool piece of Kalamazoo radio history. The picture was taken from a postcard that was made in the 70's.

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