We generally hope for snow on Christmas in Michigan, but we could see the flakes flying ahead of the winter holiday. With colder temps becoming the norm in the forecast soon, it's just a matter of time before we go from fall colors to a wintry white landscape here in the Great Lakes state. And we could see some of that winter wonderland join the feast on Thanksgiving.

A Winter White Thanksgiving?

Temps are expected to drop significantly ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday. According to Fox 17, 'the airmass from Canada plunging into the Great Lakes, mixing with a low pressure from the Gulf of Mexico may lead to a more active weather week for the holiday'. We'll see rain early in the week and the colder air will move into West Michigan the day before Thanksgiving. And this Arctic blast could produce an accumulation of snow.

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Will this affect travel on Thanksgiving?

With rain on the menu mixed with a blast of arctic air, there could be potential for snow accumulation to cause slick roadways. That's if there is enough rain accumulation and cold enough temps happening on the night before Thanksgiving. Also according to Fox 17, there is a possibility that Westerly winds may produce several inches of accumulation.

But, will there be enough moisture to produce the snow remains in question. The cooler air still seems more possible than any significant snow piling up. But as always when traveling during this time of year, leave with plenty of time so you can take your time on the roadways if there is any snow.

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