(Courtesy of WWMT Channel 3)

I guess when you really need a Snickers and some change, some people will do whatever it takes. Police were called to the M-66 Bowl, a bowling alley in Battle Creek at 3 a.m. Wednesday morning and were shocked to find the business' vending machines had been destroyed and robed.

Soon after the incident, a 31 and 49 year old man were pulled over and arrested, both believed to be culprits of the crime. Upon further investigation, detectives were able to link the 31 year old to thefts at Lafayette Auto Parts in Springfield, Michigan, and Moonraker Restaurant in Emmett Township.

He is also accused of being responsible for a similar incident that occurred at Cornwell's Turkey Farm in Marshall. The man is said to have used a sledge hammer to gain access to the buildings and use it to smash the machines in order to steal the money inside.

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