103.3 KFR invited listeners to share stories of their dream proposals for a shot at the grand prize – a $2,500 engagement ring from Rogers & Hollands Jewelers!

Now, you can vote for your favorite couple's story, and they get a shot at the awesome prizes below!

Photo courtesies of Rogers & Hollands
Photo courtesies of Rogers & Hollands


Voting is available once per day and runs through 5 p.m. July 8, 2015. The top three couples with the most votes will win the above prizes respectively.

Vote for the Dream Proposals:

  • Justine Gregory & Michael Thomas: My dream proposal is one that includes my daughters. Mike has been such an amazing role model for them and they love him so much that it would be perfect for them to be there no matter the location or how the proposal happens.
  • Cheryl Moore & Pedini Jenn Michelle: Send her for a massage, Mani/Pedi with her sister during our trip to St. Augustine, Fla. in August. Have them go shopping to pick out a new dress for dinner. Dinner reservations at a beach side restaurant with a surprise photographer to catch the sunset proposal she isn’t expecting.
  • Christian Alexander & Stephanie Becker: I’d like to do a walk through the park just us two hand in hand, talking, laughing, enjoying each others company. Followed by a romantic candlelight dinner at a 5 star restaurant. And she since loves Disney movies we’d go see beauty and the beast at miller auditorium and at the perfect part of the play they’d call me up on stage to propose.
  • Lauren Fischer & Joel Ang: I would dream of being proposed to on the Brooklyn bridge in New York! I will explain why it is a special place for us! Joel and I were at college together for three years in South Carolina, he is from Singapore, and I'm from Kalamazoo. We have gone through a lot of long distance over summer vacations and I went to work in China as he went back to work in singapore after our college graduation in 2014. During our school years we loved the song “Brooklyn bridge” by Lee Dewyze, and it was our special song! After graduation we went on a trip to New York and were able to go to the Brooklyn bridge. Long before we went I had already told him I would love for us to get engaged on the bridge. Since we weren’t able to do so at the time, he gave me a promise ring on the bridge instead! Now we are looking forward to being together later this year, getting engaged, and getting married next year!
  • Caleb Slager & Megan Newlun: i would love to take her on a helicopter ride over kalamazoo and when we come in for a landing have a big giant banner saying will you marry me with a table two chairs some roses a nice bottle of wine when she sees the banner when we land get down on one knee ask her to be wife!!
  • Misty Whipple & Kereina Sanders: My dream proposal is waking up next to her on Christmas eve and spending the day showing her how much I love her. Taking her out to eat at her favorite restaurant, then taking her out to dance at our favorite club, then going to see a movie. Then we would come back home and open up one present from each other and my present to her is a ring wrapped up in a bigger box. As she opens the box and see the ring, I go down to my knee and look up into her eyes and say to her, “Kereina LeeAnne Sanders, I never thought in my life that I would find such an amazing person that I could find happiness with. I never thought that I would fall in love with anybody, or that I would want to ever get married. But now that I’ve found you, I can see us growing old together. And now its possible for us to get married. I love you more than anything LeeAnne, will you marry me?” As I tell her this, she s tarts to cry and then when I’m done she jumps in my arms and screams out YES! LeeAnne is perfect, she is my dream girl. It still blows my mind every single day how lucky I am to have her in my life. Having her as my wife would make me the happiest woman on earth and everything would be perfect. She is my everything.
  • Morgan Kreps & Robert Beller: We actually just got engaged while on vacation. He proposed on a dock in the middle of the ocean while we were in Jamaica. The sun was setting and it was amazing.
  • Bridgette Stone & Sam Danielson: It’s hard to imagine my dream primal because I’d be happy with absolutely anything. Both my boyfriend and I are rather low maintenance, and we ultimately are ecstatic that we are a part of each other’s lives. If I had to describe an ideal dream proposal, I’d have to say I’d like to be surrounded by our friends and family so that we could celebrate afterward with food and drinks! Him and I both love the outdoors, so something outside in the summer or early fall would most preferred.
  • Sieria Simmons & Aaron Brown: My dream proposal would be going on a camping trip with Aaron, packing up ready to go, getting fishing equipment. Asking him to marry me. I have been with Aaron for two years...I have two children without him, but he is the father, a great dad. He completes this family
  • Veronica Town & Christian Orbeck: Either on a beach or in a fancy restraint with a hidden photographer to capture every moment.
  • Sheridan Saunders & Austin Coplin: My dream proposal would have to be a surprise. A time when I have no idea its coming. My boyfriend and I met in a children’s musical “Annie” I was Annie and he was Daddy Warbucks. I imagine that we would visit the opera house were we met. He would sing to me and get down on one knee, tell me the reasons he loves me and why he wants to marry me.
  • Joseph Aikens & Jamie Zandstra: My proposal would be all about the surprise factor. After asking her father’s permission and sweating bullets, I would plan a trip. This trip would start with her finding little love notes to a plane ticket to find me. Then, I would have her picked up from the airport in style and dropped off at a beach with a rose pedal trail to where I anxiously awaited my love. The photographer would be positioned perfectly to capture our moment with me on one knee in the sand and her saying ‘YES’ to a sunset.
  • Megan Miles & Eric Martin: My dream proposal wouldn’t have a destination, date, or specific ring. When the day comes all I can ask for is a honest heart-felt proposal. A human being showing their vulnerabilities in order to ask to spend the rest of their life with you is magical. Above all things I wish it to be filled with love.
  • Laura Strunk & Aaron Beery: We met in 2005. Fast forward 10 years, he finally asked me this April. He took me to the swings we used to spend our high school days at(what else do you do when you're 17?)We swung on the swings and reminisced. On the walk back, he started singing (badly) this song from the TV show "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" where Charlie proposes to the Waitress. I couldn't stop laughing at him. I pushed him away thinking he was teasing me, but turned around to see him on one knee! The rest is history.

If you don't end up winning the contest, know that Rogers & Hollands in the Crossroads Mall is having a Bridal Extravaganza from July 10-12!

This contest has now closed.

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