Kalamazoo's first and only cat cafe and rescue needs your help.

My level of excitement after discovering a cat cafe in Kalamazoo may have been a bit over the top, I admit. But, as a lover of animals, I love seeing businesses find unique ways to find animals their forever homes. And a cat cafe is definitely unique.

Kzoo's Cat Cafe and Rescue's purpose is to provide a temporary home for local, adoptable rescue cats. According to their Facebook page:

Cat lovers and animal enthusiasts can visit to spend their time with the cats and kittens, in a relaxed atmosphere, and really get to know their personalities! You can enjoy coffee or other beverages, and light snacks during your time in the cafe (included with entry fee), as well as access to Wifi and kitty treats! Feel free to take pictures of the cats, and to share them with your friends! All of our cats are looking for their forever home, so if it's love at first sight, you might get to take home your new forever friend!

However, Kzoo Cat Cafe and rescue has not been immune to the mess that the year of 2020 has been. To keep their employees and customers safe they've implemented new safety protocols. That means that people can visit by appointment only and that, obviously, has had a serious impact on their income threatening the future of not only the business but the cats as well. In a recent post, they said,

Full disclosure friends - after being open for appointments since July, last month was our 4th straight month with a HUGE loss in income due to COVID. Last month we did about 1/5 of the entries we had before lockdown. At this rate, we aren't going to make it long-term operating by appointment, which we will be for the foreseable future for health and safety reasons. Thank you as always for your support and we will continue to do the best we can while so much is still up in the air in our world.
Personally, after moving from Florida, I'm going to need some stress relief. And what better way to relieve that stress than by spending some time with some adorable cats and kittens while simultaneously supporting a great cause that needs a little extra help?
Cat sitting in a cardboard box in Ngwe Saung in Myanmar

You can make your appointment here. Keep in mind that appointments must be made 24 hours in advanced and that you must be 18 years or older to visit or must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. If you can't visit there are a TON of ways that you can show your support! Either monetarily or with items the cats may need. Check that out here!

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