You may have noticed signs around southwest Michigan that read, "Samuel's Blankets." This one, for example, has been propped outside of Bigby on Gull Rd for a while:

TSM/ Chelsea Rose
TSM/ Chelsea Rose

But, for those unfamiliar, what is Samuel's Blankets all about?

Samuel's Blankets for the Homeless

Samuel's Blankets has a pretty remarkable background. According to their website, Samuel's Blankets for the Homeless is a non-profit that was started by the namesake, Samuel, at the young age of nine years old. The site goes on to say,

I wanted to do something to help the homeless stay warm in the winter. I set out with a mission, each year more and more people from all over joined together to help me and support my cause. I know that blankets get dirty and damaged when exposed to the elements and want to make sure those who need them will have one every year.

Read more here.

The non-profit, which started 7 years ago, has collected a total of 15,000 blankets to benefit Southwest Michigan's homeless population. And Samuel doesn't show any signs of slowing down.

The Goal for 2021

According to Samuel's Blankets' Facebook page, the goal for 2021 is 3,000 blankets. Signs have been placed at a number of drop-off locations across SW Michigan and, according to a recent Facebook post, Samuel has exceeded this year's goal.

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What if I Still Want to Help?

If you're arriving late to the blanket donation party, not to worry. In that same Facebook post, mentioned above, they detailed that some drop boxes would be coming down within the next two weeks but, that there will still be drop-off locations accepting donations through December.

You can see the current list of drop-off locations on their website or by following them on Facebook.

And, as always, you can make a monetary donation either one time, monthly, or annually. Find all of the information here.

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