A Michigan based filmmaker debuted a series on the Travel Channel which featured an entire episode dedicated to an incredibly haunted small village in Michigan. Steve Shippy, who grew up in a small town near Saginaw, MI has a show called “Haunting in the Heartland,” which aired Friday, Feb. 21, on the Travel Channel at 10 p.m. It focused on the Village of Merrill, MI, population 735, which is said to be haunted, possibly cursed.

According to the NYPost, in the episode, "One family reveals to Shippy that they were forced to leave their house in the summer of 1974. They had suffered through six months of unexplained banging — even the FBI and a seismologist couldn’t determine its cause — and several spontaneous fires. Another family reports that they are currently being tormented by an apparition targeting a young girl in their home. They’ve been dealing with inexplicable occurrences: cold spots, loud banging, cut electricity, shadowy figures, scratch marks and rooms suddenly filling with smoke."

As one resident told Shippy, "Living in Merrill seemed like a dream at first. Eventually, the dream turned into a nightmare. It was like living in hell." Shippy, who dealt with paranormal experiences as a kid, knows all too well about how this affects families, as he said in an earlier Travel Channel statement: “Growing up in a haunted house in a small Midwestern town, I understand the isolation of the experience, and it was only when others in town started to have similar experiences that I realized I wasn’t alone. These small towns have a bigger story to tell, and in order to find the resolution these families need now, we need to piece together their past."

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