This is Kobie, our Dog Days guest of the week.

Kobie is approximately 3 years old and has a unique, albeit sad, background. He was a research dog. Meaning, Kobie has spent most of his life in a lab where tests were conducted on him.

Heartbreaking, right? The silver lining is that one, he isn't in that situation anymore. And two, he is incredibly sociable. He's been handled his entire life so, Kobie had no hesitation when walking in the room. In fact, he jumped right up as if he was actually going to be speaking into the microphone while giving me a look like, "Alright. We doing this?":

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Because of Kobie's background, the SPCA of SW Michigan will be very selective with who they allow to adopt him. He was, essentially, experimented on. The SPCA wants to make sure that the potential owners are prepared for any lasting side effects from that "research". They also want to make sure he won't be returned or be put through any other sort of instability in his life. He needs a home where he will be spoiled rotten. And he deserves it.


Besides being incredibly social, Kobie has a very laid-back vibe. While most animals tend to squirm when Katie holds them in her lap during our Dog Days segment, Kobie seemed right at home and even leaned back as if Katie was his own, personal chair.

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If you're interested you will have to fill out an application to adopt Kobie. You can find that application here or just stop by the SPCA of SW Michigan off West KL Avenue in Kalamazoo.

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Now, if Kobie isn't for you that's okay. There are a lot of animals looking for their forever homes right now. Actually, if you've been considering adopting this is the perfect time. A Bissell Empty the Shelter event kicks off on July 7th. All adult dog and adult cat adoption fees will be $25 through July 10th at the SPCA of SW Michigan. Keep in mind this does not apply to puppies, kittens, or dogs like Kobie who need a particular home. Find out more about the Bissell event here.

As one final note, keep in mind that there are plenty of ways to help these animals even if you're not able to adopt them. You can foster, which makes a huge difference both for the animal and shelter, or volunteer. Find information on both here.

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