Grand Theft Auto or GTA, depending on who you ask you will get two different answers on what the phrase means. Some will tell you the legal term and ramifications of the phrase while others will start to explain the popular video game that's been out since the late 1990s.

Grand Theft Auto in reference to the law is a felony charge related to someone stealing merchandise valued between $500-$1000 and is almost always used whenever a vehicle is stolen, whether the accused keeps the car or not.

Meanwhile, the video game, which has become widely known by the acronym GTA, has multiple renditions and is played in households all over the world. In the game, it's pretty much free-for-all gameplay to complete missions to steal money, weapons, vehicles, and more. It's as if all laws don't pertain to you and as long as you don't get shot or arrested you're free to yank someone out of their car, kill someone, blow up police vehicles, and more.

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While scrolling on Twitter, I came across a video that I couldn't keep my eyes off. I watched the video on a loop about 30 times. I just couldn't believe what I was looking at.

I don't know anything else in the world that screams GTA more than this video, this man has zero regards for everyone else and is simply living on his own set of laws. I'm sure he has 5 stars chasing him and is looking to park on some deserted train tracks until they go away, if you know, you know. The full video from youtube is below.

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