Is the rumored Radio Shack comeback really possible?

In 2015 we saw the closing of the Radio Shack stores on Stadium Drive in Kalamazoo and South Westnedge Avenue in Portage.  Then another round of closings happened in 2017.  That's when we saw the Gull Road location close in Comstock.  At some point we lost both Battle Creek Radio Shack locations around that same time.  Now there is a buzz about a Radio Shack come back.

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In the 1980s, Radio Shack was like Starbucks.  There seemed to be a location every other block.  That was before online shopping took large chunks of sales away from the once popular box store.  Since then, we've seen Radio Shack file for bankruptcy twice.

Radio Shack closed thousands of U.S. stores between 2015 and 2017.  However, it clung to life according to,

Radio Shack went through multiple bankruptcies and, while the brand shuttered thousands of locations, it never fully went away. In the U.S. a few hundred franchisees continued to operate as did franchise owners around the world.

Unicomer Group based in El Salvador was the biggest franchise operator of Radio Shack that held on tight through the hard times., and now they're taking over the whole company.  The Unicomer Group is planning on bringing back some of their U.S. stores with a few changes to compete with chains like Best Buy and Target as well as having a strong online shopping presence.  There is no information at this time indicating where we could see new Radio Shack locations pop up.

Dana Marshall
Dana Marshall

There are currently only 2 Radio Shacks open in the State of Michigan.  One is in Niles and the other is located in Dundee on the East side of the state.

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