It's no secret that SW Michigan is rich in dispensaries.

In fact, at one point, Battle Creek and Kalamazoo were in the top three cities with the most recreational marijuana dispensaries in the entire state of Michigan:

And that was written in 2021. I'm positive that number has only grown since then. So, it should be no surprise that the former restaurant, Don Pablo's Mexican Kitchen, has now been transformed into another dispensary.

Which Dispensary?

Pure Roots. The building, if you didn't know, sits on the outskirts of Lakeview Square Mall. Apparently, it underwent a complete renovation with Pure Roots investing about $5.6 million in the new development, according to

Thanks to the renovations, the interior can now be described as a kind of apothecary that is, "driven by technology." That's according to Reni George, Pure Roots’ vice president of governmental affairs who was quoted in the article linked above.

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Pure Roots posted a video of the new dispensary and, honestly, it reminds me of an Apple store:

What Kind of Products Do They Offer?

You can expect to find a number of marijuana products, like in most dispensaries. They offer flower, infused pre-rolls, vape carts, edibles, concentrates, and apparel.

Should you make your order online, you can choose the kind of feeling you're looking for when browsing products which I think is pretty helpful. They have options like Rest, Relief, and Revive. See more here.

Do They Deliver?

Yes. Or, at least they will soon. Pure Roots is planning to launch an app where customers can order products online for pick up or delivery. Hopefully, it'll be up and running soon because Pure Roots in Battle Creek is officially open.

They opened their doors on February 1st but they will be hosting a grand opening event this Saturday, February 11th. Find their exact location and more info on Pure Roots' website.

Judging by information found on, this will be the Battle Creek area's 19th dispensary:

Via/ Weed Maps
Via/ Weed Maps

In fact, there's a stretch of road that locals have dubbed the Marijuana Mile. It's a stretch of road that's about 3.7 miles long. It runs through Battle Creek and Emmet Township and has a total of 13 dispensaries on that one road.

However, according to, since Emmet Township and Battle Creek share a postal code, it brings the total number of retail pot dispensaries to 24. That's a lot of options for the weed-loving locals.

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